Manage Users

Here you can view all registered users in your group, and export all user information (including usage for each person) as a CSV.

You can also 'Add a new user' to your group, giving them access to the Community Insight tool.

Just enter their details, email address and create a password for them. Send them this information, and they too can log on to your Community Insight account. 

You can assign new users with one of the following access levels:

Group admin: As a group admin you are a lead for your organisation's Community Insight account. You can:
  • Upload and edit all of your organisations stock
  • Create,edit and delete groups 
  • Request reports
  • Manage others users within your organisation
  • Manage your organisation profile
Power user:
  • Add/edit groups
  • Request reports
  • Cannot edit the main stock upload, or delete groups. 

Basic user ('View reports'):

  • View reports as requested by group admins or power users
  • View map page, with all organisation stock and stock groups

Please note

All users MUST have basic accessibility, regardless of whether they are admin, power user or just a basic user.

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